Saturday, 20 October 2012

Rootkit Download

Rootkit is a tool for deface website
This tool using the shell to change the homepage of the website
Shell is a code that can change the page of website
HTML code is only use for blogger
You Can Deface Website By Umer.asp shell

Here is the tool to download :Rootkit
Download Umer.asp shell here : Umer.asp

Extract The Umer Shell , Then Take Umer.jpg only
First Open The Rootkit
Then Click Webdav
Click Setting
Upload Shell Umer.jpg
Replace The Name Hmei7.asp;txt
Into Your Own Name
Example : Eagle.asp
Click Site And Put The Site That You Want To Deface
For Example :
Click Serrang!

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  1. U Need To Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Using That Tool And Uploading ASP Shell :)