Friday, 22 February 2013

In 2012 Dark Assassins Cyber Crew has target more hacked sites approaching year 2013
This target has work out , Eagle Eye , leader of Dark Assassins Cyber Crew has hacked hundred of site.
The hacked site rise from 50 site from the early untill 400 hundred hacked site within 2 month.

This situation , also can make his crew , DACC getting rise up and up.
The next target is hacked more site untill thounsand of site.
This target will be make by Eagle Eye without nobody supporter.

Many of DAC Crew do not know about defacing and hacking , so Eagle Eye had to do personly.
Since Eagle Eye has found some new LFI exploit , he has workhard for find more a vulnerable site
for LFI (Local File Inclusion) that is Eagle Eye's favourites hacking method


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  2. wahhhh !! Pro gila DACC :D


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