Monday, 19 August 2013

CyberWar MYID

CyberWar between Malaysian and Indonesian HackersCyberWar between Malaysian and Indonesian Hacker due to misunderstanding between
Malaysia and Indonesia.
In this situation Indonesia hacker has set up an Operation to attack Malaysian site (OpMalaysia).

The CyberWar begin while some of Indonesian hacker start hacking malaysian site with file
fuckyou.txt with inside contain "Fuck you all" that make some of malaysian hacker get angry
with them.

Then, Eagle Eye from DACC and UMCA has started attack Indonesian site as 
While this happen , start the 
misunderstanding between Malaysia and Indonesia.
This attack occurred from 18/08/2013 until 19/08/2013 , below is malaysian and indonesian site defaced!

Indonesia sites

Malaysian sites

After that , this CyberWar ended with apologize from Eagle Eye for attacking indonesian sites , the OpMalaysia was cancelled.


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